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Volume 5, Number 1: Spring 2022

Meet the Leadership & Participate

Executive Committee

Chair: Linda Ehrlich-Jones
Chair-Elect: Alex Wong
Past Chair: Allan Kozlowski
Secretary: Namrata Grampurohit
Communications Officer: Jennifer Weaver
Awards Officer: Allen Heinemann
Early Career Networking Group Liaison: Cynthia Li

Committees & Programs

Awards Committee: Allen Heinemann
Nominations Committee: Allan Kozlowski
Knowledge Translation Committee: Jennifer Weaver
Early Career Mentoring Program: Cynthia Li

Task Force Chairs

Applied Cognition &TBI: Sonya Kim, & Marianne Mortera,
Biometrics and Biomarkers: Janet Niemeier,
Long-Term Community Measurement: Shannon Juengst,
Measurement Forum: Allan Kozlowski,
Rehab Measures Database: Allen Heinemann,
Stakeholder Engagement: Jennifer Weaver, and Allan Kozlowski,
Standards: Allan Kozlowski,

Please reach out to any of these individuals if you would like to join their task force as an active committee member. If you are interested in leading a task force please reach out to the M-ISIG Chair.