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 2022 Summer Edition

Task Force Updates

6.1. Evidence-Based Guidelines Task Force
     Published a large scoping review on integrative health and traumatic brain injury.
     Kim, S., Mortera, M., Wen, P.S, et al. (2022). The Impact of Complementary and Integrative Medicine following Traumatic Brain Injury: A Scoping Review. Journal of Head Trauma                     Rehabilitation. Forthcoming.

6.2. New referencing rules for Indigenous sources – Joan van Rotterdam put forward that a position statement has been tendered by the Australian Journal of Rural Health.

6.3. Biofeedback in Integrative Rehabilitation Medicine (BIRM) The newest task force in Complementary Integrative Rehabilitation Medicine Networking Group

Thanks to Dr. Jack Ginsberg who volunteer to start and lead this exciting newest task Force.

The mission of the BIRM Task Force is to advance scientific knowledge of biofeedback approaches for rehabilitation and advocate for appropriate biofeedback interventions for a wide variety of medical conditions that affect the physical and cognitive function, psychiatric well-being, and quality of life of individuals with disabilities and chronic health conditions.

Please join BIRM in projects that are just opening:

     1. Define the practice of “biofeedback”
     2. Describe contemporary hardware and software systems used to apply biofeedback
     3. Assess the methods and measurements used to evaluate the effects of biofeedback
     4. Disseminate objective evidence-based information on the use of biofeedback approaches in rehabilitation medicine
     5. Develop guidelines for clinical practice of biofeedback based on scientific principles/knowledge and empirical evidence
     6. Engage and collaborate with other ACRM communities to promote the safety and usefulness of biofeedback

BIRM plans to have two subcommittees: one for HRV BF and one for Neurofeedback. Each will have about 4-6 members so a total of 10-12 total is what we are aiming for. I am actively recruiting for members for both subcommittees. Peter Behel has agreed to chair the HRV Biofeedback subcommittee.

Once the task force is constituted, in addition to the projects listed above, Dr. Ginsberg plans to work with the task force to produce a review article summarizing past Archives of PM&R articles with HRV and/or NF content.

If you are interested in the biofeedback in integrative rehabilitation medicine, you are certainly welcome to join this exciting group. If you have any questions or comments on this task force, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Jack Ginsberg at