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 2022 Summer Edition

CIRM Webinar series 2021-22

Thank you Matt Erb and Pey-Shan Wen, CIRM NG webinar series production team

  • Using Mindfulness to Explore the Links Between Trauma, Stories, & Illness here
  • Sensitized Chronic Pain and Heart Rate Variability here
  • Breath & Healing here
  • Merging Yoga and Rehabilitation Therapy for Best Results here
  • Tai Chi for Rehabilitation here
  • Neurofeedback, An Evolving Discipline: Overview and Applications here
  • The Power and Limits of Touch here

Here is a list of our planned 2022 Webinars:

Upcoming: The Power & Limits of Touch on 5/6/22 at 12 pm ET, presented by Steve Haines, BCST, Certified TRE® Provider
Upcoming: Acupuncture/TCM (title tbd) on 8/5/22 at 12 pm ET (tentative), presented by Wei Huang, MD