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The ACRM scientific journal, Archives of Physical Medicine and RehabilitationHot off the Press …


In Volume 97 (7) July 2016

What to Do With “Moderate” Reliability and Validity Coefficients?
Marcel W. Post

Survey of U.S. Practitioners on the Validity of the Medicare Functional Classification Level System and Utility of Clinical Outcome Measures for Aiding K-Level Assignment
Dylan Borrenpohl, Brian Kaluf, Matthew J. Major

Use of the Houghton Scale to Classify Community and Household Walking Ability in People With Lower-Limb Amputation: Criterion-Related Validity
Christopher Kevin Wong, William Gibbs, Elizabeth Sell Chen


In Press Articles

Listed below are selected “in press” articles on measurement topics as of July 15 2016. Stay current by monitoring accepted articles.

A Systematic Review of Health-related Work Outcome Measures, and Quality Criteria based Evaluations of their Psychometric Properties
B.A. Mateen, C. Doogan, K. Hayward, S. Hourihan, J. Hurford, E.D. Playford

An Item Bank to Measure Systems, Services, and Policies: Environmental Factors Affecting People with Disabilities
Jin-Shei Lai, Joy Hammel, Sara Jerousek, Arielle Goldsmith, Ana Miskovic, Carolyn Baum, Alex W.K. Wong, Jessica Dashner, Allen W. Heinemann

Re-examining the validity and dimensionality of the Moorong Self-Efficacy Scale: improving its clinical utility
James W. Middleton, Yvonne Tran, Charles Lo, Ashley Craig

Association between MoCA scores and measures of functional mobility in lower extremity amputees after inpatient rehabilitation
Courtney Frengopoulos, Joshua Burley, Ricardo Viana, Michael WC. Payne, Susan W. Hunter

Reliability and Validity of Nonradiologic Measures of Forward Flexed Posture in Parkinson’s Disease
Prajakta Nair, Richard W. Bohannon, Laurie Devaney, Catherine Maloney, Alexis Romano