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Application of Outcome Measures

The Application of Outcome Measures Task Force members are interested in identifying most reliable, valid, and appropriate tests and measures for use in assessment and outcome tracking within clinical, research, and quality improvement endeavors.

Task force members have helped develop or are moderating symposia for the ACRM 2015 Conference, including:

  • Application of outcome measures for evidence-based quality improvement initiatives — Symposium organized by Anne Deutsch on Wednesday, 28 October from 2:00 to 3:15 pm.
  • Can Measures of Team Functioning (TF) be Useful in Quality and Quality Improvement? — Symposium organized by Dale Strasser and moderated by Linda Resnik on Thursday, 29 October from 9:30 to 10:45 am.


Applied Cognition Task Force

The Applied Cognition Task Force has the goal to address cognitive rehabilitation research related to cognitive outcomes, tools, and measurements.  Currently, the task force is composed of two working groups evaluating:

  • TBI and pharmacological treatments outcomes and measurements
  • Electronic brain games as a cognitive training tool for adults with cognitive impairments.

The task force will present current work at the Progress and Report of the ACRM Measurement Networking Group Applied Cognition Task Force #2919 symposium organized by Patricia Heyn, PhD on Wednesday, 28 October from 10:45 am to 12:00 pm.

ACRM members are invited to join the “MNG Applied Cognition Task Force Meet and Greet your Work Group Colleagues” on 30 October at 12:00 pm.


Curriculum Task Force

Measurement is fundamental to evidence-based rehabilitation. Being able to select, administer, and interpret clinical measures is a core competency for all entry-level practitioners. Arguably, education in measurement is uneven across disciplines and academic programs.

The goal of the curriculum task force is to enhance clinical and academic educators’ capacity to teach state of the science measurement. Specifically, the curriculum task force is working to:

  • Identify measurement needs of graduate programs in nursing and allied health professions
  • Develop and disseminate targeted resources to support state of the science education in measurement

The task force is seeking members to achieve these goals and to develop new goals. If you are interesting in joining, please contact Susan Magasi.


Early Career Report

The ACRM Early Career Development Course is scheduled on Tuesday, 27 October. The course is designed to help early career investigators:

  • Prepare for job interviews, negotiate faculty positions and prepare for promotion and tenure
  • Improve your grant writing skills, learn about grant mechanisms for new investigators, and how to get published
  • Network with renowned leaders in the field, and find collaborative opportunities within a variety of rehabilitation disciplines
  • Become a more active and recognized member within ACRM

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