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The ACRM scientific journal, Archives of Physical Medicine and RehabilitationListed below are selected “in press” articles on measurement topics as of 22 September 2015. Stay current by monitoring accepted articles.


Exploratory validation of a multidimensional power wheelchair outcomes toolkit

W. Ben Mortenson, Louise Demers, Paula W. Rushton, Claudine Auger, Francois Routhier, William C. Miller


Another Look at the PART-O Using the TBI Model Systems National Database: Scoring to Optimize Psychometrics

James F. Malec, Gale Whiteneck, Jennifer Bogner


Measuring participation for children and youth with power mobility needs: a systematic review of potential health measurement tools

Debra A. Field, William C. Miller, Stephen E. Ryan, Tal Jarus, Alex Abundo


Proposal of criteria for appraising Goal Attainment Scales used as outcome measures in rehabilitation research

Agata Krasny-Pacini, Jonathan Evans, McKay Moore Sohlberg, Mathilde Chevignard


Sensitivity and Specificity of the Coma Recovery Scale-Revised Total Score in Detection of Conscious Awareness

Yelena G. Bodien, Cecilia A. Carlowicz, Camille Chatelle, Joseph T. Giacino.


Reliability and Construct Validity of Limits of Stability Test in Adolescents using a Portable Force Plate System

Bara Alsalaheen, Jamie Haines, Amy Yorke, Steven P. Broglio


The International FItness Scale (IFIS): construct validity and reliability in women with fibromyalgia. The al-Ándalus project

Inmaculada C. Álvarez-Gallardo, Alberto Soriano-Maldonado, Víctor Segura-Jiménez, Ana Carbonell-Baeza, Fernando Estévez-López, Joseph G. McVeigh, Manuel Delgado-Fernández, Francisco B. Ortega