Watch this how-to webinar led by Maegan Criscione, ACRM Senior Program Manager, for step-by-step guidance on pre-recording your instructional course, plus tips and tools for engaging and interacting with attendees.


Please note the deadlines for presentation slide upload and final pre-recorded presentation. All presentations and final pre-recorded content will be reviewed for CME/CEU compliance per ACCME guidelines. To ensure time for review, adjustments, and final posting before the ACRM Virtual Conference, we will need your content by the dates listed.

7 SEPTEMBER – upload your PowerPoint slides

14 28 SEPTEMBER pre-recording your presentation


The presentation file will be reviewed to verify that:

1. All required CE Compliance Slides are included
2. The content is suitable for our interdisciplinary audience
3. The presentation is free of commercial content
4. The presentation generally matches up with the learning objectives for the session.

Download required CE Compliance slides here.


As an Instructional Course presenter, there is no fee to register for the course you are presenting, but registration is still required through the Registration portal. If you plan to attend the Core Conference or another Pre-Conference course in addition to your own, be sure to enter the presenter discount code at checkout for 20% off your total purchase.

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1. Chrome is the preferred browser for this recording.

2. For panel teams, consider coordinating using the same external microphone plug-in equipment if possible. This will provide for more consistency and avoid gaps in audiovisual quality. Sometimes, panels will invest in one set of equipment, share the cost and ship the ‘studio in a box’ to each panel member to keeps costs low yet maintain quality.

3. Stand if possible while recording to stay alert and energized.

4. Be focused on the delivery and not the technology. Practice and get familiar with the technology and your recording environment.

5. Offer reminders to your attendees that they can submit their online evaluations and receive their CEU/CME certifications in the system by visiting the online event library for this event.

6. Review all ACRM training or platform tutorials available to you in advance.


1. Avoid using your laptop microphone whenever necessary. Earbuds with a microphone are usually better and there are many affordable external microphones.

2. Don’t turn your head away from the screen when recording your audio – the audio sounds best when you talk speaking directly to the screen.

3. We suggest wearing earbuds or external headphones to avoid your computer audio creating a ‘bounce back’ effect on your audio recording.

4. Use humor, inflection and intonation in your presentation. Avoid simply reading from your script.

5. Get close to the microphone. The further away, the more the ‘chamber echo’ effect will kick in.

6. Playback the audio to ensure the equipment you are using is good quality.


1. Use a small, carpeted room with low ceilings. Avoid a room with a lot of hard surfaces or larger rooms.

2. If recording at your residence, try to use internal rooms to avoid public noise (sirens, birds, wind chimes, construction or other bleed thru audio disturbances). Basements are ideal if they are carpeted.

3. Try to restrict colleagues or family activity (televisions, doors slamming etc.) Let them know the importance of your audio environment for the time you are rehearsing and conducting your final recording.

4. Avoid clutter in and around you. Go for the minimalist affect. This will help your focus, feel secure in your delivery and will avoid audience distraction.


ACRM 98th Annual Conference | Progress in Rehabilitation Research | VIRTUAL & IN-PERSON: DALLAS

CORE: 24 – 26 SEPT 2021 // PRE-CONFERENCE: 26 – 29 SEPT 2021

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* Although significant changes are not anticipated, the schedules, sessions, and presenters are subject to change.


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