Allan Kozlowski, PhD, BSc(PT)
Director of Outcomes Research
Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital

Keith Lohse

Keith R. Lohse, PhD
Assistant Professor
University of Utah College of Health


An Introduction to Longitudinal Data Analysis (Part I) IC15



Allan Kozlowski, PhD, BSc(PT)
Director of Outcomes Research
Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital

Keith Lohse

Keith R. Lohse, PhD
Assistant Professor
University of Utah College of Health


DAY Saturday 13 April 2019

TIME 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

FORMAT 4-hours instructional course, Interactive Lecture


TOPIC AREAS Measurement, Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, Stroke

CAREER LEVEL  Introductory

PART II  Follows from 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM Read More >>



Researchers and Clinicians from any discipline interested in longitudinal modeling


Course Description

Rehabilitation researchers and clinicians often deal with outcomes that evolve over time and are not suited to binary categorization of pre- post-assessments, as is common in other areas of medicine and healthcare. Current methods of outcome evaluation typically examine group averages as difference scores at the facility level, and treat individual differences as measurement error. In a healthcare environment where concepts of patient centeredness and value-based care are gaining attention, we need methods to examine rehabilitation outcomes that span services and offer interpretability for individual patients. Fortunately, advanced statistical methodologies are available to accurately model longitudinal data as continuous outcomes for groups and individuals. An advantage of such models is the retention of information on individual differences, which allows the generation of individual-level trajectories and the potential to predict patient outcomes. Another advantage is found in the capacity to make group comparisons on the rate of change, such as in testing for treatment effects in a randomized controlled trial applied during recovery. Conversely, standard regression methods including repeated measures analysis of variance, describe groups but not individuals, test for mean differences, do not explicitly incorporate time, and do not adequately account for correlations and covariances that exist in multi-time point data. Additionally, the individual growth curve model can accommodate data that was collected at different times, and participants can have difference numbers of data points, assuming data are missing at random. This instructional course will provide an introduction to these methods in regard to continuous outcomes that evolve over time for observational and randomized study designs. Topics to be discussed include the conceptual basis for the individual growth curve model, how it differs from other regression models, processes for examining longitudinal data and determining a best-fit trajectory, and methods for evaluating covariate associations with trajectory parameters including hypothesis testing for rate of change. Following the course, learners will be able to appraise existing data for suitability to an individual growth curve model, discuss the relevance of such models with statistical consultants, and plan for data collection in future projects which are suited to modeling outcomes longitudinally.



Upon completion of the course, participants should be able to:

  1. Identify circumstances in which longitudinal mixed-effects regression (LMER) models are appropriate
  2. Discuss measurement issues in rehabilitation related to LMER
  3. Describe a process for examining longitudinal data and determining a best-fit trajectory
  4. Describe a process for evaluating covariate associations with trajectory parameters

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