Mark Pedrotty

Mark Pedrotty, PhD
Rehabilitation Psychologist
University of New Mexico


Integrative Cognitive Rehabilitation Psychotherapy for Brain Injury with Psychiatric & Substance Use: An Overview IC1



Mark Pedrotty

Mark Pedrotty, PhD
Rehabilitation Psychologist
University of New Mexico


DAY Friday 12 April 2019

TIME 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM (Lunchbreak 1:00 PM – 2:00PM)

FORMAT 8-hours Instructional course, Didactic, Experiential, Case Study


TOPIC AREAS Brain Injury, Pediatric Rehabilitation, Brain Injury, Clinical Practice

CAREER LEVEL  Intermediate



Psychologists, Neuropsychologists, Counselors, Rehabilitation Therapists, Neurologists, Rehab Nurses, Physiatrists, Psychiatrists, Administrators, Drug Counselors


Course Description

People living with brain injury (PLWBI) are at greater risk for psychiatric problems, suicide, substance and alcohol use, and other adverse outcomes. Complex interdisciplinary care is needed to maximize health outcome over time. PLWBI who have co-occurring conditions (cognitive, psychological and substance and alcohol use) have few to no treatment options given the reluctance of psychiatric and substance use programs to admit PLWBI and the paucity of research in treating this population. Several studies have found that behavioral health and substance abuse populations have a significant number of patients who have brain injury and that they don’t respond as well to traditional therapies as their cohorts without a brain injury.  The limited guidance on treating this population puts great stress on the PLWBI, their family and clinicians who are treating them. This intermediate level course provides an overview of integrating cognitive deficits, psychological issues and substance and alcohol use issues into cognitive rehabilitation psychotherapy so that the clinician can learn how to conceptualize and implement evidence based and clinically sound interventions tailored to the specific needs of the PLWBI with co-occurring issues. Didactic, case presentation, and experiential exercises will be used to highlight the fundamental principles of the integrative model. This course will incorporate materials from various cognitive rehabilitation models and methodologies ( e.g., ACRM Cognitive Rehabilitation Manual, Rick Parente, Linda Laatch, Nancy Chiarravalloti, etc.) and technology (Neuropsychonline, Posit Science, , etc.).
Clinicians will be introduced to an integrative cognitive rehabilitation psychotherapy model that includes simultaneous assessment and treatment of three domains (cognitive, psychological, and substance and alcohol use) and six levels of intervention (medication, cognitive retraining, internal compensatory strategies, external compensatory strategies, environmental adaptations, and alternative interventions) for each of the three domains across all ages using a bio-cog-psycho-social model and evidence-based interventions for people living with brain injury. Motivational Interviewing will be discussed as a clinical intervention to assess readiness to change and setting client centered goals and objectives.  The developmental metacognitive approach developed by Laatsch that includes six areas of cognitive functioning (stamina and alertness, attention and processing speed, working memory, memory, fluency and executive functioning) and methods to address weaknesses in each of the areas will be described.  A four stage treatment model (surviving, healing, thriving, and ending) across the three domains will be applied to treatment planning and monitoring progress. Identification and management of potential ethical and cultural issues in working with clients, their families, and other professionals will be discussed.  A template for clinical treatment planning and progress note will be reviewed. Pre and post-conference training is available through the Integrative Cognitive Rehabilitation TeleECHO at Project ECHO.



Upon completion of the course, participants should be able to:

  1. Describe integrative framework to treat up to three co-occurring conditions simultaneously (cognitive, psychological, and substance and alcohol use) with people of all ages who are living with brain injury
  2. Describe range of evidence-based interventions for cognitive, psychological, and substance and alcohol use issues in treating people living with brain injury
  3. Describe how to apply the developmental meta-cognitive approach to cognitive rehabilitation psychotherapy
  4. Identify appropriate interventions for stage of therapy across cognitive deficits, psychological issues, and substance and alcohol use issues
  5. Identify basics of MI and its application in setting goals and objectives across stages and domains of treatment

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