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Caregiving for Individuals with Chronic Illness or Injury


In this Intensive Cross-Cutting Program, we aim to include posters, papers, and symposia that represent the current state of the science and practice regarding the impact of chronic illness or injury on caregivers and/or family members, as well as the involvement of caregivers in rehabilitation and recovery from chronic illness or injury. We welcome submissions related to all injury and illness types. Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Well-designed systematic reviews and scoping reviews
  • Qualitative studies including caregiver and/or family member perspectives
  • Prediction studies of caregiver/family member outcomes and functioning
  • Measure development
  • Description and evaluation of unique systems or programs focused on caregivers
  • Development and/or evaluation of novel treatments to improve caregiver and/or family functioning
  • Exploration of the bidirectional relationship between caregiver/family functioning and patient recovery
  • Cultural considerations
  • Methodological issues/lessons learned from caregiver engaged research