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ACRM 94th Annual Conference Progress in Rehabilitation Research PIRR

Four DAYS of NONSTOP Pain Rehabilitation Content

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Offering 4 days of high-caliber educational content for pain rehabilitation, the ACRM 94th Annual Conference, Progress in Rehabilitation Research (PIRR) provides outstanding value for every member of the pain rehab team.



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Not-To-Miss Pain Rehabilitation Content

Pain Rehabilitation Instructional Courses

Pain Rehabilitation Symposia

For specific PAIN REHABILITATION sessions and more details (including presenters, session descriptions and schedules) see the ACRM APP and the online program.

  • #299950 – Pre-operative Evaluation and Education (PREE-hab) of Patients with Breast Cancer  CAN, CP, PAIN
    Michael Stubblefield, Melissa Thess, Stacye Mayo
  • #296096 – A Value Added Model for Treatment of Chronic Pain   PAIN
    Virgil Wittmer, Mark Pew
  • #294142 – Integrative Medicine and Rehabilitation: A Natural Partnership  CIRM, CP, PAIN
    Eric (Rick) Leskowitz, Sonya Kim, Ariana Vora, Bridget Sheng-Fong Chin, J. Quezada-Morales, Patricia Heyn
  • #294316 – Applying Psychologically Informed Principles in Rehabilitation for Patients with Chronic Pain   PAIN, CP
    Anita Davis
  • #303023 – New Guidelines by the ACP for Non Invasive Pain Therapies Special Focus on Wearable Technologies  PAIN, TEC
    Polina Feldman, Virgil Wittmer
  • #293323 – Enhancing Patient Engagement in Chronic Pain Self-Management Practices to Optimize Pain Treatment Outcomes  PAIN, CP
    Stacey Sandusky, Nicolle Angeli, Kerry Allen
  • #292244 – Chronic Pain Treatment: New and Existing Models of Successful and Cost Efficient Rehabilitation  PAIN, CP
    Virgil Wittmer, Gregory Smith
  • #296629 – Cervicocephalic Syndrome: What Every Physiatrist Should Know  CC, BI, PAIN
    Nathan Zasler, John Leddy
  • #331549 – Placebo Effects in Rehabilitation Medicine: Mechanisms, Acceptability, and Clinical Applications  PAIN, CIRM
    Nkaku R. Kisaalita, LaDonna Saxon
  • #290017 – Innovative Solutions for Pain Rehabilitation  CIRM, PAIN
    Nicole Sasson, Kira Charles, Lisa Ludovici, Jason Siefferman, Sonya Kim
  • #300998 – Integrating Therapeutic Exercises via Dance/Movement Therapy, Mindfulness and Guided Imagery When Treating Pain  CC, PAIN
    Rivi Har-El

FOCUS AREA ABBREVIATIONS:  AN: Arts & Neuroscience  //  BI: Brain Injury  //  CAN: Cancer  //  CC: Cross-Cutting  //  CIRM: Complementary Integrative Rehabilitation Medicine  //  CP: Clinical Practice  //  DI: Diagnosis Independent  //  GER: Geriatric Rehabilitation  //  INT: International  //  LR: Limb Restoration  //  MES: Measurement  //  MIL: Military/VA  //  ND: Neurodegenerative Diseases  //  NP: Neuroplasticity  //  PAIN: Pain Rehabilitation  //  PED: Pediatric Rehabilitation  //  PHY: Physicians & Clinicians  //  POL: Health Policy & Legislation  //  SCI: Spinal Cord Injury  //  ST: Stroke  //  TEC: Technology

Pain Rehabilitation Meetings

See the complete schedule of ACRM ISIG, networking group, and task force meetings and plan to join those that best align with your interests and expertise.

  • Pain Rehabilitation Group Meeting // FRI 27 OCT  4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Pain Rehabilitation-Related Paper Sessions

Paper sessions to be announced soon. Stay tuned to the ACRM Conference APP and the online program!

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ACRM Annual ConferenceProgress in Rehabilitation Research (PIRR#2017)

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*Up to 44 credit hours from Pre-Conference through end of Conference Mon – Sat 23 – 28 October. The number of credit hours available in any particular content area may be less.