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ACRM 94th Annual Conference Progress in Rehabilitation Research PIRR

Four Tracks of NONSTOP Cancer Content

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Offering 4 days of high-caliber educational content for cancer rehabilitation, the ACRM 94th Annual Conference, Progress in Rehabilitation Research (PIRR) provides outstanding value for every member of the cancer rehab team.

  • 20+ Cancer Rehab-related symposia & scientific papers
  • 88+ Cancer topic speakers
  • 50+ Anticipated cancer rehab-related scientific posters

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Not-To-Miss Cancer Rehab-Specific Content:

Julie Silver

Julie Silver


“Dr. Stubblefield is an internationally renowned expert in cancer rehabilitation. He has led many important initiatives to advance the field.”

—Julie Silver, MD, Associate Professor, Associate Chair and Director of Cancer Rehabilitation, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Harvard Medical School, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

Dr. Stubblefield Receives Award

Cancer Rehabilitation Networking Group Distinguished Lecturer Award

Cancer Rehabilitation Symposia

For specific CANCER sessions and more details (including presenters, session descriptions and schedules) see the ACRM APP and the online program.

  • #294072 – Cancer Care Competencies Across the Rehabilitation Disciplines  CAN, CP
    Sara Christensen Holz, Brent Braveman, Lisa VanHoose
  • #317946 – The Feasibility of Providing Occupational Therapy via Telehealth in a Breast Cancer Recovery Program  CAN, TEC
    Jennifer Hayter
  • #294306 – Update in Cancer Prehabilitation and Rehabilitation: New Research, Guidelines, and Practice Recommendations  CAN
    Vishwa Raj, Julie Silver, Ashish Khanna
  • #300456 – Treating Urinary Dysfunction in Oncology Patients: Challenges of Radiation, Chemotherapy and Major Pelvic Surgery  CAN
    Amy Ng, O. Lenaine Westney, Shelby Ubrich, Sandra Beals
  • #299950 – Pre-Operative Evaluation and Education (PREE-hab) of Patients with Breast Cancer  CAN, CP, PAIN
    Michael Stubblefield, Melissa Thess, Stacye Mayo
  • #297284 – Inpatient Cancer Rehabilitation: Considerations for Delivery of Care  CAN, CP
    Terrence Pugh, Vishwa Raj, Jack Fu, Sarah Sangermano
  • #296413 – Best Practice: The Role Of Cancer Rehabilitation In The Treatment of Gynecological Cancers  CAN, CP
    Nasim Chowdhury, Eloise Chapman-Davis
  • #294427 – From Silos to Synchrony: Promoting Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Integrative Cancer Rehabilitation  CAN, CIRM, CP
    Diane Radford, Jennifer Hayter, Timothy Marshall, Kathryn Cantera, Lauren Thomas, Sophia Chan, Tiffany Cheung, Ariana Vora
  • #297442 – Lifestyle Factors That can be Protective for Cancer-Related Cognitive Impairment  CAN, CP
    Arash Asher, Kathleen Van Dyk, Robin Newman, Jessica Engle, Lynne Padgett
  • #284717 – Delivery of Cancer Rehabilitation Services to an Underserved Population  CAN
    Yevgeniya Dvorkin Wininger, Barbra Tingley
  • #281722 – Cancer Rehabilitation Efforts to Develop Tools for Referral Screening and Patient Assessment  CAN, CP
    Jack Fu, Catherine Alfano, Timothy Marshall, Mackenzi Pergolotti, Alix Sleight, Samman Shahpar
  • #292014 – Current Cancer Rehabilitation Guidelines  CAN, CP
    Sara Holz, Lynne Padgett, Jennifer Hayter, Carrie Riddock
  • #295707 – Prospective Surveillance Model  CAN
    Shana Harrington, Nicole Stout, Mary Fisher
  • #314005 – Improving the Performance Status of Stem Cell Transplant Patients Along the Continuum of Care  CAN
    An Ngo-Huang, Brent Braveman
  • #300631 – Delivering on the Promise of Person-Centered Care: Putting People at the Heart of Healthcare  CAN
    Rebecca Kirch, Terrence Pugh, Lynne Padgett
  • #313784 – Oncology Rehabilitation in Leukemia, Lymphoma, & Myeloma: From Diagnosis Through Bone Marrow Transplant  CAN, CP
    Suzanne Taylor, William Carter
  • #296408 – Rehabilitative Care in Aging Adults with Blood Cancer – A Multidisciplinary Model  CP, CAN, GER
    Geetika Bhatt, Hilary Paige Erdeljac, ReNea Owens, Anna Maria Bittoni, Amy Custer, Kathryn Halliday, Shelley Foster, Desirée Jones, Ashley Rosko

FOCUS AREA ABBREVIATIONS:  AN: Arts & Neuroscience  //  BI: Brain Injury  //  CAN: Cancer  //  CC: Cross-Cutting  //  CIRM: Complementary Integrative Rehabilitation Medicine  //  CP: Clinical Practice  //  DI: Diagnosis Independent  //  GER: Geriatric Rehabilitation  //  INT: International  //  LR: Limb Restoration  //  MES: Measurement  //  MIL: Military/VA  //  ND: Neurodegenerative Diseases  //  NP: Neuroplasticity  //  PAIN: Pain Rehabilitation  //  PED: Pediatric Rehabilitation  //  PHY: Physicians & Clinicians  //  POL: Health Policy & Legislation  //  SCI: Spinal Cord Injury  //  ST: Stroke  //  TEC: Technology

Cancer Rehabilitation SPECIAL SYMPOSIA

Cancer Rehabilitation Meetings

See the complete schedule of ACRM ISIG, networking group, and task force meetings and plan to join those that best align with your interests and expertise.

  • Cancer Rehabilitation Networking Group Membership Meeting // WED 25 OCT  12:00 PM – 1:30 PM
  • Cancer Rehabilitation – Research Task Force Meeting (By invitation only) // FRI 27 OCT  4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Oral Presentations: Cancer Rehabilitation-Related

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Scientific Posters: Cancer Rehabilitation-Related

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ACRM Annual ConferenceProgress in Rehabilitation Research (PIRR#2017)

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