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Offering 5 days of high-caliber educational content for neuroplasticity, the ACRM 93rd Annual Conference, Progress in Rehabilitation Research (PIRR) provides outstanding value for every member of the rehab team.













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Neuroplasticity Symposia

For specific NEUROPLASTICITY sessions and gobs of details (including presenters, session descriptions and schedules) see the ACRM APP.

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FOCUS AREA ABBREVIATIONS: AN: Arts & Neuroscience, BI: Brain Injury, CAN: Cancer, CC: Cross-Cutting, CP: Clinical Practice, DI: Diagnosis Independent, GER: Geriatric Rehabilitation, INT: International, MES: Measurement, MIL: Military/VA, ND: Neurodegenerative Diseases, NP: Neuroplasticity, PAIN: Pain Rehabilitation, PED: Pediatric Rehabilitation, POL: Health Policy & Legislation, SCI: Spinal Cord Injury, ST: Stroke, TEC: Technology



  • Walking Recovery After SCI: Translating Lessons From the Lab into Clinical Practice #601 SCI, NP
    Candy Tefertiller, Jeffrey Kleim
  • Applying Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation in Stroke in Children and Adults: Are We Making a Difference? #67 ST, NP
    Sangeetha Madhavan, Bernadette Gillick
  • Strides in Gait Rehabilitation: Walking as a Source and a Target of Neural Plasticity #115 NP, ND, SCI
    Manning Sabatier, Chetan Phadke, Aiko Thompson, Mark Bowden
  • World-Class Neuroplasticity Symposium – Details Coming Soon
    Gottfried Schlaug
  • Oral Presentation of Scientific Papers: STROKE TOPICS #1012
  • Brain Gaming in Older Adults with Cognitive Impairments: Does it work or Not? #905 ND, MES, CP, GER, POL, NP, TEC
    Pallavi Sood, Lilian Hoffecker, Patricia Heyn, Sandra Rokosik-Kletzel


Mark D'Esposito

Mark D’Esposito


The Modular Brain: Implications for Rehabilitation #867  NP, ST, BI

Featuring Mark D’Esposito MD, Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology and Director of the Henry H. Wheeler Jr. Brain Imaging Center at the University of California, Berkeley.

The brain is widely assumed to be a modular system. In this talk, I will discuss a series of empirical findings from functional MRI studies that begin to elucidate the neural architecture of modular processing by showing that brain modules execute discrete processes and connector hubs are likely integrating and sending information across modules in support of goal-directed cognition. I will also discuss how a better understanding of this type of large scale organization of the brain may lead to new approaches in the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of neurological and psychiatric (or cognitive) disorders.


  • Neuroplasticity Following Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy: Underlying Principles and Microstructural Mechanisms #123 NP
    Ed Taub, Victor Mark, Lynne Gauthier
  • From Mouse to Man: Augmenting Neuroplasticity After Stroke #855 NP
    Heidi Schambra
  • Cognitive and Neural Foundations of Musical Minds #636 AN, NP
    Psyche Loui
  • The Final P: Pearls From the IV STEP Conference #47 CP, NP, CC
    Jane Sullivan, Genevieve Pinto Zipp
  • Federal Research Opportunities, Initiatives, And Resources In Neuroplasticity From The NIH, VA And NIDILRR #841 NP, RES
    Ralph Nitkin, Ruth Brannon, Timothy Brindle



  • Using Multi-Modal Neuroimaging as a Clinically Relevant Biomarker of Repetitive Head Trauma, Mild Traumatic Injury, and Recovery #235 NP, BI
    Amy Herrold, Thomas Talavage, Semyon Siobounov, David Zhu
  • Neurorehabilitation Applications: Expanding the Horizons for Longitudinal Assessments and Non-Invasive Treatments in Mild and Moderate TBI #921 NP, BI, MES
    Maheen Adamson, Dorion Liston, Laurel Riek
  • PoNS Therapy: Non-Invasive Cranial Nerve Neuromodulation to Augment Therapeutic Interventions #876 ND, BI, NP
    Deborah Backus
  • Oral Presentation of Scientific Papers #1011 ND, ST, NP and Driving Maud Ranchet, Hannes Devos
  • Neural Bases of Learning and Memory: Role of Networks and Boosting Learning for Persons With Mild TBI and PTSD #158 NP, BI
    Tommi Raij, Theresa Pape
  • Using the Arms to Give the Legs a Helping Hand in Rehabilitation: Training-Induced Changes in Interlimb Connectivity #842  NP, ST, SCI
    Erin Vasudevan


Art Kramer

Art Kramer

Featured Session:

Fitness Training and the Brain #863
Arthur F. Kramer, Senior Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Education and a Professor of Psychology & Engineering at Northeastern University

This presentation will cover what we currently know, from animal studies, epidemiological studies, and human randomized controlled trials about the relationship between physical activity and exercise and cognitive and brain health across the lifespan. Dr. Kramer will also focus on gaps in our knowledge and how we might go about filling these knowledge gaps.




  • Animals Models of TBI Rehabilitation and Neuroplasticity: Translation to the Clinic? #224 BI, NP
    Dorothy Kozlowski, DeAnna Adkins, Grace Griesbach
  • Leveraging Neural Mechanisms to Promote Plasticity During Neurorehabilitation of Patients in States of Disordered Consciousness After Severe Brain Injury #168 NP, BI
    Theresa Pape, Martin Monti, Sonja Blum
  • The Neuroimaging Toolbox: Understanding the Different Methods to Study Neuroplasticity #563 NP
    Todd Parrish, Lei Wang, Yufen Chen, Xue Wang
  • Neuroplasticity of Cognitive Recovery after Acquired Brain Injury #814 NP, BI
    Sonja Blum, Joel Voss


Mark D'Esposito

Mark D’Esposito

Neuroplasticty Luncheon:

How Can We Develop Treatments for Cognitive Deficits? #864
Featuring Mark D’Esposito

The Neuroplasticity Lecture Luncheon will feature Mark D’ Esposito, MD, professor and director of the Henry H. Wheeler Jr. Brain Imaging Center at University of California, Berkeley.

Details Coming Soon


Search the Conference APP for full details.



FRI 4 NOV // 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM

Join us and discover ways to participate in this growing group.



THU 3 NOV // 6:15 PM – 7:00 PM

Open to all attendees, the annual ACRM Membership Meeting is a great place to learn more about the work of ACRM, meet the leadership, and get involved.

See the complete schedule of ACRM ISIG , networking group, and task force meetings and plan to join those that best align with your interest and expertise.


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It all begins on Sunday, 30 OCT with 3 days of in-depth Instructional Courses or choose the 2-day Cognitive Rehabilitation Training, or the Academy of Certified Brain Injury Specialists (ACBIS) National Certification Program on Monday and Tuesday, 31 OCT – 1 NOV. Separate registration required.


Instructional Courses for Neuroplasticity

If you plan to attend the CORE Conference and at least one Pre-Conference instructional course, the Lotus-purple_button_138x20 WORLD PASS is the BEST VALUE. Compare pricing here >>

FOCUS AREA ABBREVIATIONS: AN: Arts & Neuroscience, BI: Brain Injury, CAN: Cancer, CC: Cross-Cutting, CP: Clinical Practice, DI: Diagnosis Independent, GER: Geriatric Rehabilitation, INT: International, MES: Measurement, MIL: Military/VA, ND: Neurodegenerative Diseases, NP: Neuroplasticity, PAIN: Pain Rehabilitation, PED: Pediatric Rehabilitation, POL: Health Policy & Legislation, SCI: Spinal Cord Injury, ST: Stroke, TEC: Technology





Cognitive Rehabilitation Training #868

MON & TUE 31 OCT – 1 NOV


Donna Langenbahn, PhD, FACRM

Donna Langenbahn, PhD, FACRM, Rusk Rehabilitation

Angela Yi

Angela Yi, PhD, Sports Concussion Institute

Deirdre Dawson

Deirdre Dawson, PhD, Rotman Research Institute, Baycrest Health Sciences

Cognitive Rehabilitation Manual Cover

Cognitive Rehabilitation Manual ($150 value)

Based on the ACRM Cognitive Rehabilitation Manual: Translating Evidence-Based Recommendations into Practice, this introductory course teaches step-by-step procedures for all evidence-based interventions for executive functions, memory, attention, hemispatial neglect, social communication. Manual included ($150 value).


  • Occupational therapists
  • Speech-language professionals
  • Neuropsychologists
  • Physicians
  • RN/Rehab Nurses
  • Disability management specialists
  • Caregivers of individuals with brain injury
  • ALL rehabilitation professionals who need to know the latest evidence-based interventions for cognitive impairment

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“I feel like this training gives me a game plan and a
strategy to start developing my treatment plans.
I know where to start with each of my patients
and I feel more confident and assured that the
treatment I’m providing is evidence-based.”

— Zachary Bayer, MA, ACRM Cognitive Rehabilitation Training Attendee

# 847 ACBIS Training Course

MON & TUE 31 OCT – 1 NOV

Drew Nagele

Drew Nagele

Heidi Reyst

Heidi Reyst

Stephanie Kolakowsky-Hayner

Stephanie Kolakowsky-Hayner

The Academy of Certified Brain Injury Specialists (ACBIS) provides the opportunity to learn important information about brain injury, to demonstrate learning in a written examination, and to earn a nationally recognized credential.

The official ACBIS training is offered to prepare both direct care staff and professionals working in brain injury services to sit for the certification exam. It is intended for paraprofessionals and professionals at all levels who want a strong foundation in the best practices in brain injury rehabilitation.


RIC Lecture & Tour

Joanne C. Smith, MD

Joanne C. Smith, MD, RIC President & CEO

#843 Re-Imagining Rehabilitation Care and Research at AbilityLab: The Future of RIC


Participants will independently commute to the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago at 345 E Superior Street (2 miles from the Hilton) to learn about a new approach to clinical research and patient care that informed the design of the new research hospital, AbilityLab, scheduled to open in March 2017. By literally breaking down the walls between science and clinical care, RIC is making a $550 million investment to change the way research is conducted, accelerate clinical breakthroughs, and improve patient outcomes.

Hear directly from the researchers and clinicians who built this advanced knowledge translation concept over the past 7 years, and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Joanne C. Smith, who will discuss how these innovations are being adopted in the new hospital. Participants will have the opportunity to tour the AbilityLab prototype on the 9th floor of RIC.




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