BI-ISIG Travel Scholarships to the ACRM Annual Conference


ACRM Annual Conference Save the Date PPT Slide ArtConsumers and Early career members of the ACRM Brain Injury Interdisciplinary Special Interest Group (BI-ISIG): We are listening to your concerns and know how difficult it may be to obtain travel funds for ACRM. Therefore, we are inviting you to apply for a travel scholarship to attend the ACRM Annual Conference in Atlanta, Georgia at the Hilton Atlanta – valued at $650!

The Executive Committee of the BI-ISIG is committed to supporting consumers and early career involvement in the BI-ISIG and its task forces. There are seven (7) productive BI-ISIG task forces from which to choose. Attending the Annual Conference and getting involved in task force work is a great way to get started. Don’t miss this opportunity to network, collaborate with experienced brain injury professionals, and advance your career!


THREE (3) SCHOLARSHIPS– valued at $650 each will be awarded to support travel to the ACRM Annual Conference in Atlanta! Self-nominations are welcome.

Nominations Due: 4 August 2017.


All nominees are required to:

  • Be current ACRM members (i.e., paid membership)
  • Be active BI-ISIG members who are early career members (within five years of completion of training, terminal degree OR postdoctoral fellowship, if applicable) OR consumers
  • Demonstrate active participation in one of the 7 BI-ISIG task forces prior to applying for the scholarship
  • Obtain endorsement from their BI-ISIG task force chair
  • Planning to attend the ACRM 2017 Annual Conference
  • Attend the BI-ISIG business meeting and the Task Force meeting at the Annual Conference.

*Both an endorsement from the nominee's task force chair and specific information regarding their participation are required.

Each BI-ISIG Early Career Annual Conference scholarship recipient will receive a cash award of $650 to cover travel expenses to attend the Annual Conference.

Contact the BI-ISIG Early Career Officer Dr. Monique Pappadis for more information.