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As a member of ACRM, you are welcome and encouraged to participate in all interdisciplinary special interest groups (ISIG) and networking groups relevant to your interests and expertise. If you are not yet a member of ACRM, you may join any networking group free of charge on an introductory basis or any ISIG by purchasing a two-year, introductory, ISIG-only membership. Read on…..






The BI-ISIG champions high standards in brain injury rehabilitation practice, education, and research among interdisciplinary professionals. The BI-ISIG is currently celebrating its 30th Anniversary! The key to withstanding another 30 years is the promotion and inclusion of early career professionals with interest in brain injury. The Executive Committee of the BI-ISIG is committed to supporting early career professionals through their involvement in the BI-ISIG Task Forces, and by having a position for an Early Career Officer on the Executive Committee.

There are 7 productive BI-ISIG task forces with which to get involved. CLICK HERE for information about these task forces and their respective contacts. As an early career professional, you will have opportunities to participate in many of the exciting task force projects, such as systematic reviews, development and participation in symposiums, publishing peer-reviewed manuscripts, and many other scholarly activities.

Additionally, the BI-ISIG has incentives for early career members, such as travel scholarships to ACRM meetings and poster awards. Applications for the Annual Conference Scholarship will be due 15 Aug and the announcements will be made by 26 Aug. So, if you want opportunities to network and be involved, contact a task force chair today.






General Updates

  • Geriatric Rehabilitation will have a dedicated programming track at the ACRM Annual Conference in Chicago. We are looking forward to many fantastic workshops, symposia and poster presentations on innovative approaches to assessment and rehabilitation with older adults.
  • The Geriatric Rehabilitation Networking Group wants to encourage all early career members to submit their work for the annual conference. Attending the annual conference is a fantastic way to disseminate your findings and make connections with others in your field. As an added incentive there will be a poster award for the best presentation by an early career investigator in the field of geriatric rehabilitation!
  • Any members of the Geriatric Rehabilitation Networking Group that would like to join our leadership group teleconference calls held bi-monthly, please contact Terri Compos.

Task Force Updates

  • The Geriatric Rehabilitation Networking Group currently has one active task force in conjunction with the Measurement Networking Group: The Applied Cognition Task Force. New members looking to connect with this task force can directly contact Pallavi Sood or Dr. Patricia Heyn. The Early Career Representative on this task force is Pallavi Sood.
  • Current projects: This task force is currently working on a systematic review of the evidence for the use of brain games for adults with Mild Cognitive Impairment.






The International Networking Group (ING) currently has two positions open that would be great for Early Career level individuals. The two positions and their descriptions are as follows:

Conference and Outreach Task Force Co-Chair

This individual will be part of the ING Executive Committee and will work with the other co-chair and the rest of the task force on promoting ACRM to other organizations within and outside the US, soliciting international content at the ACRM meeting and networking with other ACRM communities and organizations.

Communications Officer (new position)

The Communications Officer serves on the ING Executive Committee. The Communications Officer in coordination with the ACRM National Office will evaluate and respond to dissemination requests for ING related activities. This would include determination of appropriateness of the request and facilitation/coordination. In support of this duty, the Communications Officer will serve as ING liaison and member of the ACRM Communications Committee. The Communications Officer will:

  • Lead communication using print, electronic, website, and social media.
    • work with the ING Executive Committee and task forces to establish an annual newsletter and may appoint an associate editor from one of the ING task forces or the ING membership.
  • Be responsible for assuring that the content of the ING annual newsletter, is reflective of the purpose of the ING and consistent with professional standards for periodical literature as well as assuring the timely distribution on an annual basis.
  • In coordination with the ACRM National Office, be responsible for assuring that the content of ING portion of the ACRM website is up to date and reflective of the mission and activities of the ING.
  • May appoint a web associate editor from the Conference and Outreach Task Force.
  • In coordination with the ACRM National Office will also be responsible for the establishment and maintenance of communications using social media, as deemed necessary by the ING.
  • May appoint a social media associate editor from one of the ING Task Forces or the ING membership.

Information on the ING and Task Forces can be found here.






General Updates

  • The MVNG has one position open for an Early Career Representative who will assist with drafting ACRM MVNG CR Task Force newsletter updates. (interested individuals must be ACRM members and will need to contact Christina Dillahunt-Aspillaga)
  • The MVNG is working to create new webinars or a translational piece on Health Equity TBI (Civilians vs Veterans) (Dismuke, L and Eshel, I). Email Clara (Libby) Dismuke. Please email Clara Dismuke for more information about the VA Central Office of Health Equity.
  • The MVNG welcomes new members: This is an open group and members are encouraged to invite colleagues. We welcome professionals in academia, private hospitals, government employees in DOD, VA, and other interested parties to join. Members can join quarterly conference calls to learn more or get involved in current projects.

Task Force Updates

  • The Military/Veterans Affairs Networking Group’s Community Re-integration Task Force currently has several proposals accepted for the Fall 2016 ACRM Annual Conference. These include:
    • Qualitative Methods to Enhance Research: Why, When, and How Co-Authors: Besterman-Dahan, K, Cogan, A, Crocker, T & Powell-Cope, C.
    • Caregiving and Family Needs
      Stevenson, L., Cotner, B., Bailey, E., Sander, A. as the Discussants, Dillahunt-Aspillaga, C. as the Moderator.
    • Novel and Advanced Research Methods in Rehabilitation Research Co-Authors: Adamson, M, Besterman- Dahan, K, Dismuke, L
    • Several posters were submitted from members of the ACRM MVNG CR Task Force and are under review.






The tasks forces of the SCI-ISIG are open to ACRM members and to non-members who purchase a two-year introductory, ISIG-only membership. Most of the groups meet monthly, and are looking for more involvement from ECNG members! Consider joining us! If you’d like to become more involved, please contact the Task Force Chair

Below is a description of just a few of our current Task Force projects and opportunities for involvement.