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As a member of ACRM, you are welcome and encouraged to participate in all interdisciplinary special interest groups (ISIG) and networking groups (NG) relevant to your interests and expertise. If you are not yet a member of ACRM, you may join any networking group free of charge on an introductory basis or any ISIG by purchasing an introductory, two-year ISIG Only membership.

Brain Injury-Interdisciplinary Special Interest Group (BI-ISIG)

The BI-ISIG champions high standards in brain injury rehabilitation practice, education, and research among interdisciplinary professionals. The BI-ISIG is currently celebrating its 30 year anniversary! The key to withstanding another 30 years is the promotion and inclusion of early career professionals with interest in brain injury. The Executive Committee of the BI-ISIG is committed to supporting early career professionals through their involvement in the BI-ISIG task forces, and by having a position for an Early Career Officer on the Executive Committee.

There are 7 productive BI-ISIG task forces with which to get involved. Please visit the website for information about these task forces and their respective contacts.  As an early career professional, you will have opportunities to participate in many of the exciting task force projects, such as systematic reviews, development and participation in symposia, publishing peer-reviewed manuscripts, and many other scholarly activities.

Additionally, the BI-ISIG has incentives for early career members, such as travel scholarships to ACRM meetings and poster awards. Applications for the Annual Meeting Scholarship will be due 19 Aug and the announcements will be made by 1 Sep. So, if you want opportunities to network and be involved, contact a task force chair today.

Cancer Rehabilitation Networking Group (CRNG)

The CRNG is committed to mentoring early career individuals. In an effort to formally support this, at the 2015 ACRM Conference each of the 5 task forces agreed to include one slot for an Early Career individual. The selected individuals must meet three requirements:

  1. Attend at least 50% of the monthly conference call meetings for the task force
  2. Submit at least one abstract/poster for the 2016 ACRM conference
  3. Attend the 2016 ACRM conference in Chicago

In addition to gaining valuable insights and experience, the selected Early Career individuals will be able to list on their CVs a national/international task force appointment and any research they get accepted at the next ACRM conference, as well as request a letter of recommendation from the task force chairs when they apply for their next position.

For more information, please visit the CRNG website and check out the CRNG fall newsletter. You can also contact Vish Raj or Julie Silver or any of the task force chairs directly.

International Networking Group (ING)

The ING is recruiting ECNG members to participate in three task forces

  1. Conference and Outreach
  2. Research and Organizational (with a new Common Data Elements Workgroup)
  3. Service Delivery Task Force

Executive positions are available. The group is interdisciplinary and non-diagnosis specific. Visit the website for more information about the networking group and its task forces. There is great mentoring taking place in our task forces since members of the group are long-standing ACRM members and leaders in the field. If you are interested in learning more about this group or becoming a member, please contact Fofi Constantinidou.

Measurement Networking Group (MNG)

Attention Early Career Rehabilitation Professionals and Students: The Measurement Networking Group Task Force for Early Career Professionals is pleased to announce “The Future of Measurement,” an interdisciplinary panel discussion bringing together nationally-recognized experts in outcomes measurement. This free event will be held during the ACRM Mid-Year Meeting in Chicago on Friday, 15 April from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

Topics will include advances in the development, administration and analyses of outcome measures, an overview of available technologies and a discussion regarding the implementation of these tools in practice and research settings. Current ACRM members are invited to attend; however, space is limited. For more information, please contact Jason Raad.

Spinal Cord Injury Interdisciplinary Interest Group (SCI-ISIG)

Most of the SCI-ISIG task forces meet monthly, and are looking for more involvement from ECNG members!

  • The Fitness and Wellness Task Force is seeking input for information/education pages on several topics. Learn more here >>
  • The Women’s Health Task Force is completing a systematic review pertaining to women with SCI and sexuality and welcomes volunteers who would like to contribute. Contact Heather Taylor.
  • The Functional Electrical Stimulation Task Force is moving towards a focus on broader technology and robotics, perhaps with the Technology Group founded by Megan Mitchell and John Morris. Contact Therese Johnston.
  • The Secondary Complications and Aging Task Force invites you to join them. Contact Jeanne Zanca to learn how to become more involved.