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Career Development Resources

Check out these articles, links to useful resources, tips, awards, and opportunities to find the information you need to keep your career on track. This quarter you’ll find very interesting and thought-provoking posts about work-life balance and mentoring as a grad student.

Grant Resources and Scientific Writing

Career Development Training, Promotion, Tenure


  • Post-Doctoral Fellow Research – The Herrold lab is seeking a post-doctoral fellow to perform neuroimaging data analysis for studies related to repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) treatment for co-occurring alcohol use disorder and mild traumatic brain injury. This is a VA fellowship at Hines VA in Hines IL, with dual post-doctoral fellow appointments at Hines and Northwestern University, Chicago, IL. Interested applicants please email or call Dr. Amy Herrold at or +1.708.202.5867.

WorkLife Balance/Quality of Life

  • The Barcelona Lab for Urban Environmental Justice and Sustainability examines the structural and systemic drivers of social inequalities, exclusion, oppression, and neo-colonization in cities. A fun piece for academics to read here.