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Last year, a new initiative was launched to support projects generated and executed by task forces of the Brain Injury Interdisciplinary Special Interest Group (BI-ISIG). When sufficient funds are available, the BI-ISIG Executive Committee will select and award 12-month Task Force Development Grants through a competitive process. Each project team includes at least one Early Career member. Congratulations to the inaugural awardees of this program!

Title of Proposed Project: Defining Resource Facilitation (RF) Practice

  • BI-ISIG Task Force: Chronic TBI Task Force
  • Lead Member: Summer Ibarra
  • Early Career Member: Summer Ibarra
  • Other Participating Members: Wendy Waldman, Lance Trexler, Devan Parrott


Title of Proposed Project: Systematic Review of Cognitive Rehabilitation for Children

  • BI-ISIG Task Force: Pediatric & Adolescent Task Force
  • Lead Member: Juliet Haarbauer-Krupa
  • Early Career Members: Jonathan Dodd, Felicia Connor, Jennifer Lundine
  • Other Participating Members: Joseph Marcantuno, Tanya Brown, Linda Laatsch, Jan Niemeier, Drew Nagele


Title of Proposed Project: Needs Assessment of Severe Traumatic Brain Injury Education, Training and Support Resources for Caregivers and Professionals

  • BI-ISIG Task Force: Disorders of Consciousness Task Force
  • Lead Members: Susan Johnson, Amy Rosenbaum
  • Early Career Member: Shital Pavawalla
  • Other Participating Members: Chris Carter, Dave Anders, Katie Yates, Risa Richardson, Cindy Barrus