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Join today! There is NO fee to join the CRNG!!

However, participation on CRNG task forces does require ACRM member status. ACRM offers Regular/International, Early-Career, Student/Fellow, and Consumer Memberships, ranging from $85 – $350 USD per year.

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QUESTIONS? Contact, +1.703.435.5335.


Already an ACRM Member?

Become involved in a task force by contacting Julie Silver or Vish Raj or the chair of the task force of interest.


Are You in Training & Want to Become Involved in the CRNG?

We are excited to announce a new opportunity for residents, fellows and other healthcare professionals in training who want to become involved with the CRNG! This is a terrific opportunity to be mentored in cancer rehabilitation. Each person that is selected will serve on a task force and take an active role in advancing cancer rehabilitation care. The criteria are:

  1. Serve for a one year term and attend at least 50 percent of the conference calls.
  2. Attend the ACRM 2016 Annual Conference.
  3. Submit one poster on cancer rehab for the 2017 ACRM Annual Conference.
  4. Participate in other activities as time permits and deemed appropriate by the task force chairs.

If you are in training and would like to serve on a task force, please contact Dr. Julie Silver  or Dr. Vish Raj and tell us where you are getting your training, when you’ll complete your training and what you plan to do after graduation. We are excited to hear from you!