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These awards are given to fund high-quality projects to be led by BI-ISIG Task Force members that will have a meaningful impact in the field of brain injury rehabilitation. Congratulations to the following recipients.

Grant Iverson image

Grant Iverson

Noah Silverberg image

Noah Silverberg

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Task Force

  • Title: Definition of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Leads: Dr. Noah Silverberg & Grant Iverson
  • Early Career persons: Joshua Kamins, Alexis Iaccorino, Alison Cogan
  • Other participating members: Jessica Brown, Maria Kajankova, Karen L. McCulloch, Gary McKinney, Drew Nagele, William J. Panenka, Amanda R. Rabinowitz, Nick Reed, Jennifer V. Wethe, Victoria Whitehair

The Mild TBI Task Force has been working with an international, interdisciplinary expert panel to create a case definition (diagnostic criteria) for mild TBI/concussion. This will update the 1993 ACRM definition of mild TBI. The second round of web-based Delphi consensus voting is underway. The BI-ISIG Task Force grant will cover research assistant support and the open access publication fees for the final product of this project, a position paper on the definition of mild TBI.

Susan Johnson image

Susan Johnson

Disorders of Consciousness

  • Title: DOC Family Education Consumer Review
  • Lead: Susan Johnson
  • Early Career person: Shanti Pinto, MD
  • Other participating members: Brooke Murtaugh, Chris Carter, Shanti Pinto, Amy Rosenbaum, Ritika Tehren, Kathryn Farris

The DOC-BI-ISIG/DOC Family Ed Task force has developed and organized family education materials for DOC Families.  The education materials are categorized in two sections:  Mind/Body and Taking Care of Self/Resources.  Current funding is to coordinate and recruit 25 families with loved ones in DOC at various levels of recovery, to review  and give feedback on the content so we can get this information out to the public.

Jiabin Shen image

Jiabin Shen

Jaclyn Stephens image

Jaclyn Stephens

Pediatric and Adolescent Task Force

  • Title: Successful Transition to Adulthood: Best Practice Services for Individuals who Sustained Traumatic Brain Injuries during Development
  • Leads: Jaclyn Stephens & Jiabin Shen
  • Early Career person: Jaclyn Stephens
  • Other participating members: Drew Nagele, Julie Haarbauer-Krupa, Christina Dillahunt-Aspillaga, Jacqueline Kaufman, Andy Persch
  • Senior Advisory Members: Paul Wehman, Bonnie Todis

The intent of this project is to write and disseminate a practice advisory guideline that summarizes existing literature on evidence-based interventions and services available to support post-secondary success in transition-aged youth who have sustained TBIs. We anticipate that this guideline will significantly improve educators’, clinicians’, and rehab professionals’ ability to support transition-aged youth with a history of TBI