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When you’re interested in rehabilitation medicine, there’s a long way to go before you can truly become an expert in your field. To help you get there, the Pain Rehabilitation Networking Group at ACRM can be your resource.

Here at the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine, we’re involved in many aspects of rehabilitation medicine and rehabilitation research. Our members range from novices to experts, but they all share a passion for improving the lives of others through rehabilitation medicine. From cognitive rehabilitation to brain injury rehabilitation, traumatic brain injury rehabilitation, and more, we provide the resources you need to succeed and make a difference; this includes our networking groups and special interest groups.

For injury rehabilitation, research on chronic pain, and other research and education regarding pain, the Pain Rehabilitation Networking Group (PRNG) is the answer. Learn more about this group below, and join ACRM today to get involved in rehabilitation medicine and research.

Medical Networking

Collaborate with other professionals in the field of rehabilitation medicine.

Medical networking can positively influence your career path, your role within your career, your growth and influence, and more. Here at ACRM, and especially within the PRNG, you have the unique opportunity and ability to network easily and effectively. From rehabilitation conferences to working on rehabilitation medicine with your new colleagues, this group will help you network and advance into pain rehabilitation.

PRNG Task Forces

Find or establish a specialized area of focus within pain rehabilitation.

When you join ACRM and the PRNG, you can not only identify critical rehabilitation issues for the group as a whole and work with a task force, but you can also step into a leadership role as the chair of a task force.

The Pain Neuroscience Task Force, for example, focuses on improving functional outcomes for people with persistent pain and developing applications to prevent and reduce the development of chronic pain across rehabilitation settings.

Continuing Education

Get access to CE for nurses, CME for physicians, and more.

Expanding your learning is always a valuable task, but getting educational credits while you’re at it makes it all the better. Both at ACRM and the PRNG, we prioritize continuing ed and making sure you have the resources you need to succeed.

Improving Pain Symptoms

Make a fast, effective, and gratifying difference in the lives of patients.

Ultimately, you want to improve patients’ lives. Rehabilitation medicine is instrumental in this. Here at ACRM, though, we change the equation a bit. Instead of waiting years for a process to roll out, we create a community where you can work interactively to make change happen faster — meaning patients benefit faster.

Join The PRNG Today

You want to stand out within your field and you want to make a difference in the lives of patients the world over — ACRM and the PRNG will help you achieve those goals. Our group attracts the best clinicians and researchers in the world in order to promote and study interdisciplinary pain rehabilitation. Join us today to make a difference in the field of rehabilitation medicine.