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Keep up with ACRM on LinkedIn

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ACRM has a company page on LinkedIn.

From this page, you can:

  1. Follow ACRM and then see ACRM news posts in your LinkedIn newsfeed.
  2. Add ACRM to your profile under “Experience” section (as a member).
    1. This will show the world your membership with ACRM and you can describe your length of membership and add detail to your work at ACRM to enrich your resume.
    2. LinkedIn considers “employees” as “members” for associations like ACRM.
  3. Add ACRM to your use profiles under “Volunteer” section


HOW TO add ACRM to your LinkedIn Experience and Volunteer sections:

  • Go to your LinkedIn profile page and EDIT your PROFILE*LinkedIn_screenShot_AddACRMexperience
  • Under Experience and/or Volunteer, click +Add Position
  • In the Company Name / Organization field, enter “ACRM” (and select “ACRM | AMERICAN CONGRESS OF REHABILITATION MEDICINE”)
  • In the Title / Role field, enter “Member”
  • Description: optional: add detail about your involvement





Add ACRM Groups to your LinkedIn profile


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