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CARF International 50th Anniversary LogoACRM congratulates CARF International on its 50th Anniversary. We have been delighted and honored to be a member of the CARF International Advisory Council (IAC) and we value our ongoing collaborations to promote our shared goals and missions of improving and enhancing the lives of those we serve, including persons with disability.

As ACRM works to promote and disseminate the highest quality rehabilitation research, CARF has been working to assure the highest quality in rehabilitation and other health and human services around the world. No organization has had more impact than CARF in raising the bar and promoting excellence in rehabilitation. We at ACRM continue to admire and applaud the commitment of CARF to promote the highest values and field-driven standards through its exemplary peer-review process and ongoing consultation, education and information services.

We also celebrate the tremendous growth and expansion of CARF in its impact and scope, from its core focus on rehabilitation programs to multiple health and human services, and from a purely domestic effort in the United States to an international mission.

On this 50th anniversary, we at ACRM thank CARF for their enormous contributions and success in promoting the highest standards for rehabilitation services and improving the lives of those with disabilities. We look forward to continuing to work with you on these common goals.

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Douglas KatzDouglas I. Katz, MD, FACRM, FAAN

President, ACRM
Boston University School of Medicine, Boston University Neurology Associates
Medical Director, Acquired Brain Injury Program, Braintree Rehabilitation Hospital


As a CARF International Advisory Council member,  ACRM congratulates CARF on 50 years of service promoting quality care for people with disabilities.