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Health & Wellness Task Force


Health management and maintenance is an important instrumental activity of daily living following stroke. Survivors must learn how to manage their condition and actively prevent future stroke or other disease.

The goal of this group is to engage in activities promoting the health and wellbeing of persons after stroke. Topics of interest include nutrition, physical activity, adherence, medication management, and mental health.

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Suzanne Burns, PhD, OTR/L

Suzanne Burns, PhD, OTR/L


Associate Professor
University of New Mexico


Emily Kringle, PhD, OTR/L

Emily Kringle, PhD, OTR/L


Assistant Professor
University of Minnesota


The Health & Wellness Task Force envisions a world where all people with stroke-related disability have access to the services, supports, and environments needed to manage and maintain health after stroke.


The mission of this group is to advance research and clinical practice that improves the health and wellbeing of people after stroke.


The goal of this group is to engage in activities promote the health and wellbeing of people with stroke-related disability through research and knowledge translation activities focused on topics including health-related quality of life, social and community participation, nutrition, physical activity, mental health, and medication management.

2023 GOALS

  • Publish 1 manuscript (dyad-focused interventions review)
  • Submit 2 symposia for 2023 ACRM Conference
  • Publish 1 I/EP


  • Published paper and accepted symposium on stroke recovery during the
    COVID-19 pandemic:
    • Burns SP, Fleming TK, Webb SS, Kam ASH, Fielder JD, Kim GJ, Hu X, Hill MT, Kringle EA.
      Stroke recovery during the COVID-19 pandemic: A position paper on recommendations for
      rehabilitation. Arch Phys Med Rehabil, 2022:103(9), 1874-1882.
    • Stroke Recovery During the COVID-19 Pandemic
      Friday November 11 at 11:00am in Room 4A
  • Initiated systematic review examining the effects of dyad-focused interventions
    on health-related quality of life among people with stroke and their support

2021 GOALS

  • 1 Information and education page
  • 1 manuscript
  • 3 symposia presentations at ACRM 2021



  • Submitted a manuscript for publication: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Facilitate Return to Driving and Return to Work in Mild Stroke: A Position Paper
  • Submitted Archives Information/Education Pages (I/EP) titled:
    • Return to Work After Mild Stroke
    • Driving After Mild Stroke
    • The ABCs for Nutrition Post-Stroke
  • Presented the following sessions at the ACRM Annual Conference:
    • Stroke Hot Topics: Addressing Mental Health in Stroke Rehab
    • Self-Management Interventions for Stroke Recovery and Recurrent Stroke Prevention
    • Exploration of Sex After Stroke



  • Submitted 2 peer-reviewed manuscripts:
    • Mental health in Mild Stroke
    • Community Reintegration in Mild Stroke
  • Developing a manuscript for submission in 2017
  • Developed 4 Information/Education Pages for The Archives of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation:
    • Mild Stroke
    • Mental Health
    • Return to Work
    • Return to Driving