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Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) Task Force



  • To promote high quality research and evidence-based clinical applications of FES and other technologies for people with SCI
  • To raise awareness among clinicians/rehabilitation specialists about daily applications of functional electrical stimulation (FES) in persons with spinal cord injury (SCI). This may include the recommended sessions, frequency of applications and the effective parameters based on the goal of therapy and the clinical characteristics (age, body fatness, level of injury, time since injury) of persons with SCI.
  • Our target audience includes health professionals and consumers.

Our mission was recently expanded to incorporate technology similar to exoskeletons that currently serve as an effective tool to restore ambulation in rehabilitation and community setting. Along with exoskeletons, brain-computer interface has become a very attractive tool that can be used in conjunction with electrical stimulation/ exoskeletons to restore hand functions and ambulation following SCI.

We welcome all ACRM members who are willing to expand on the mission of our task force and willing to promote such applications for the welfare of persons with SCI.



  • Programming at ACRM, CSM and ASIA meetings
  • Rehab Outlook article
  • Educational pages for APMR
  • Develop educational pre-meeting workshops
    • Stimulation parameters
    • Frequency/Dosing of applications of FES
    • Applications targeting different systems
    • Incorporate current applications of exoskeletons and brain-computer interfaces



  • Identify products related to FES and different technology and their benefits to  persons with SCI
    • Educational pages in APMR
    • Need to solicit new ideas
  • Identify items to place on website to inform clinicians and consumers
  • Identify new members and re-institute regular conference calls