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Purpose of the Task Force

  • Establish a networking group (with new members) that consists of neuroimaging, proteomic and genetic experts
  • Facilitate collaborations for research studies
  • Combine different methodologies and work with MVANG Novel Methods Task Force for symposium & pre-conference workshops
  • Increase brain stimulation and biomarker content at next ACRM meeting
Maheen M. Adamson, PhD

Maheen M. Adamson, PhD


Senior Scientific Research Director, Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center (DVBIC)
Clinical Associate Professor Affiliated Neurosurgery & Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
Stanford School of Medicine

Current Projects

Newcomer participation is welcome! 

  • Write an Information/ Education Page (I/EP) in ACRM Archives
  • Work with us on symposia submissions for presentation at the ACRM Annual Conference
  • Develop dissemination products from the symposium content
  • Organize webinars