Neurodegenerative Diseases Poster Awards

Neurodegenerative Diseases Poster Awards

2017 Poster Awards

Neurodegenerative Diseases Best Poster Awards header

Patricia Heyn

Neurodegenerative Diseases "Best Poster" Award

Association Between Gait Speed and Cognitive Function in Adults with Cerebral Palsy
Patricia Heyn, Alex Tagawa, Zhaoxing Pan, Amy Bodkin, James Carollo

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Moon-Young KimNeurodegenerative Diseases "Early Career" Poster Award

Relationship between Executive Function Components and Activities of Daily Living in Elderly with Mild Dementia
Moon-Young Kim, Ji-Hyuk Park, Jong Bae Kim, Hae Yean Park

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Arzu Guclu-GunduzNeurodegenerative Diseases "Women & Diversity in Science" Poster Award

Relationship Between Muscle Strength and Functional Exercise Capacity in Patients With Multiple Sclerosis
Arzu Guclu-Gunduz, Cagla Ozkul, Taskın Ozkan, Yasemin Aydın, Ceyla Irkec

2016 Poster Awards

Cassandra Herman

Cassandra Herman

NDNG Early Career Poster Award Recipient

The Effects of a Rhythmic Movement Program on Mobility in Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis
Cassandra Herman, MS; Whitney Neal, BS; Hui-Ju Young, PhD; James Rimmer, PhD

Sandra Kletzel

Sandra Kletzel

NDNG Best Poster Award Recipient

Rasch Analysis of the MoCA in Early Stage Parkinson’s Disease
Sandra L. Kletzel, PhD; Juan M. Hernandez, MA; Elizabeth F. Miskiel, MA; Trudy Mallinson, PhD; Theresa L-B. Pape, DrPH, MA, CC-SLP