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Biometrics & Biomarkers Task Force


This task force will study linkages of traditional rehabilitation tests and measures with metric technologies and molecular measures to collectively enhance the characterization of individuals as well as tracking of outcomes after injury or illness-related disablement. Leveraging of biologic and electronic measurement has the potential to increase understanding of injury/illness impact and recovery.

This task force wants to grow its membership and generate systematic reviews as well as provide symposia and primers on how to initiate biometrics and biomarkers measurement teams in a range of settings and studies. Contact the chair to learn about opportunities to participate.


 Janet P. Niemeier, PhD, LP, ABPP (RP)

Janet P. Niemeier, PhD, LP, ABPP (RP)


Associate Professor & Director of Research
Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Spain Rehabilitation Center, School of Medicine
University of Alabama, Birmingham


  • Establish stable membership
  • Select officers for growth and succession.
  • Complete mapping review, white paper to demonstrate potential for biometrics and biomarkers to enhance measurement and application of findings of rehabilitation research
  • Present review findings at ACRM 2019, possibly with BI-ISIG task force participation.



  • Acceptance of Instructional Course with Dr. Wagner and University of Pittsburgh, U Texas from 2017
  • Symposium accepted for this year for 2018 Conference with half of the membership involved



  • Distinguishing Biometrics & Biomarkers Task Force goals and deliverables from other task forces, but collaborating with each when mutually beneficial (e.g., Technology Networking Group, BI-ISIG Biomarker Task Force)
  • Communicating findings in accessible manner to ACRM communities