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Implementation Research Task Force


The primary focus of the Implementation Research Task Force is the collaboration, collation and dissemination of the latest knowledge of multidisciplinary clinical research for health practitioners working with individuals with limb loss.

To start, the LRRG Research Task Force will address two questions (primarily involving a literature search/review) surrounding:

  • Is there any evidence/literature addressing gender influence surrounding prosthetic restoration/enablement? (such as access to care, services utilization rates, biomechanics, psychometrics, different prosthetic component utilization, any known discrepancies in functional outcomes, etc).
  • State of the evidence surrounding cardiac health following major limb loss procedures (i.e., cardiovascular health/outcome discrepancies, monitoring, guidelines for rehabilitation, etc.)

The motivation here is that, following major amputations, there are known/studied effects of changes to the physiologic response with any activity challenge (positing greater cardiac output demands; this can variably affect most patients with prior cardiac disease history). All this may illuminate the need for tighter interdisciplinary coordination of care (and different monitoring/therapies) with someone’s PCP/cardiologist/internist/therapists, etc, for particular patients.


LLRNG Implementation Research Task Force Meeting

Join us online on the third Thursday of the month and introduce yourself to members of the networking group, learn about our work, and explore ways to participate.

WHEN: Third Thursday of each month // 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM ET

    • 16 April
    • 21 May
    • 18 June
    • 16 July
    • 20 Aug
    • 17 September
    • 15 October
    • 19 November
    • 17 December

WHO: All are welcome via GoToMeeting

WHERE: GoToMeeting >>
Join the meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

JOIN BY PHONE: United States: +1.646.749.3112
Access Code: 265-363-165



Contact the task force co-chairs to learn more about opportunities to participate.

Janet Panoch, PhD Candidate

Janet Panoch, PhD Candidate


Resource Development Manager
Amputee Coalition

Denise Hoffmann, RN

Denise Hoffmann, RN


Patient Advocate


  • The Implementation Research Task Force welcomes collaboration opportunity for a needs assessment of prosthetic competency with the pediatric population project.
  • A white paper on Patient and Family Education. Please contact co-chairs, John Danko and Janet Panoch, for more information and opportunities to collaborate.