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Research Task Force


To start, the LRRG Research Task Force will address two questions (primarily involving a literature search/review) surrounding:

  • Is there any evidence/literature addressing gender influence surrounding prosthetic restoration/enablement? (such as access to care, services utilization rates, biomechanics, psychometrics, different prosthetic component utilization, any known discrepancies in functional outcomes, etc).
  • State of the evidence surrounding cardiac health following major limb loss procedures (i.e., cardiovascular health/outcome discrepancies, monitoring, guidelines for rehabilitation, etc.)

The motivation here is that, following major amputations, there are known/studied effects of changes to the physiologic response with any activity challenge (positing greater cardiac output demands; this can variably affect most patients with prior cardiac disease history). All this may illuminate the need for tighter interdisciplinary coordination of care (and different monitoring/therapies) with someone’s PCP/cardiologist/internist/therapists, etc, for particular patients.



Contact the task force co-chairs to learn more about opportunities to participate.

Janet Panoch
Co-Chair, LRRNG Research Task Force
Resource Development Manager
Amputee Coalition

John Danko 
Co-Chair, LRRNG Research Task Force



The Research Task Force is seeking new members. Projects for 2019 include a white paper on Patient and Family Education. Please contact co-chairs, John Danko and Janet Panoch, for more information and opportunities to collaborate.