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COVID-19 Ad Hoc Work Group


The International ISIG has decided to establish an ad hoc work group to address some of the needs of the international rehabilitation community during the COVID-19 Pandemic with the charge to work on the following two issues:

  1. Create a depository of helpful material and links, relevant to the international community
  2. How do we address mental health needs in this time of crisis? How do we continue to provide services to those in need during the pandemic? There have been innovative approaches proposed and we can certainly learn from our Chinese colleagues. One idea is to organize a webinar on Mental health considering the following three groups of stakeholders:
    • Patients with covid 19 with or without rehabilitation needs
    • People living with the fear of the disease and experiencing the effects of social isolation
    • Health care providers who are in the front lines

If you are able to share your talents and knowledge at this difficult time, please contact Fofi Constantinidou and Kristine Kingsley.