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I-ISIG Webinar

From Neurological Rehabilitation to Wound Care, A Journey Along the Interdisciplinary Path


19 AUGUST // 12:00 PM ET

Some carriers in rehabilitation can lead to unsuspected paths. Wounds lead to disability but are often underestimated in rehabilitation.




Pure product of Geneva, Switzerland, where he studied and graduated (MD degree in 1989), he discovered the rich and fantastic world of rehabilitation (European board certification in 1996). In 1997, he received the prize of the European Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation for his thesis work on “early bone biochemical markers changes in spinal cord injury”. Through neurological rehabilitation, he developed skills in woundcare. Council member of the European Wound Management Association, he is deeply involved in promoting and teaching simple modern woundcare methods and linked rehabilitation in low resourced countries. Active member of ACRM for over 25 years. He was honored through the Edward LOWMANN award (2015) and made a fellow of the society (2018). He has strong interests in rehabilitation, continence mechanisms, pain, sexuality and handicap, wound care in rehabilitation and is dedicated to the implementation of interdisciplinary and holistic approaches to patient care.