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ACRM Complementary Integrative Rehabilitation Medicine Networking Group

Philip Appel

Philip R. Appel, PhD, FASCH

Director, Psychological and Neuropsychological Services
MedStar National Rehabilitation Network
Assistant Professor, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine
Georgetown University School of Medicine


Dr. Appel has been with the MedStar National Rehabilitation Network since 1987, working with individuals who experience persistent pain that interferes with their performance and obtaining quality of life. Dr. Appel works to help individuals adjust to the life challenges that are brought on by disability and chronic illness or injury. He teaches a variety of mental practice techniques to enhance performance through learning mentally the movement patterns needed to execute a complex motor pattern. Self-hypnosis, guided imagery, relaxation, and meditative techniques are all used to provide the individual with a greater awareness of self and ability to regulate performance and influence desired outcome.

Dr. Appel obtained his PhD from the United States International University in 1983 and completed his clinical internship at Walter Reed  Army Medical Center. Before Joining MedStar, he had been an active duty Army Behavioral Science Officer for 8 years. He also completed a Post-Doctoral Training Institute in Hypnosis at Maryland Psychological Association Foundation in 1987.

Dr. Appel has written extensively about the use of hypnosis in enhancing performance in rehabilitation. He is a fellow of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, a past president of that organization, is listed in the National Register for Health Service Providers in Psychology, he has a Certificate of Professional Qualification in Psychology from the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards, and is licensed in both Maryland and the District of Columbia. Dr. Appel specializes in pain management, adjustment to illness, injury and disability,  performance enhancement, and executive health coaching.