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ACRM Complementary Integrative Rehabilitation Medicine Networking Group

Nicole Sasson

Nicole Sasson, MD

CO-CHAIR, CIRM Networking Group
Chief, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Service Veterans Affairs,
New York Harbor Health Care System
Clinical Associate Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine
New York University School of Medicine, Rusk Institute


Dr. Sasson is a Clinical Associate Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine –New York University School of Medicine/Rusk Institute. She has been involved in the field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation for more than twenty-five years. She has brought her innovative, integrative approach to treating patients using a combination of western and eastern techniques. Her interests in Eastern Medicine culminated in her performing her clinical training hours in acupuncture education at the West China Medical University – Chengdu, Sicuan Province, China.

Dr. Sasson started her academic career as an attending in the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine at Bellevue Hospital Center/NYUMC. During her tenure there, she was responsible for the development of the first PM&R- Acupuncture Clinic in our country. She continues to serve her patients and obtained additional certifications in Acupuncture, Spinal Cord Injury Medicine and Pain Management. She has been involved in the care of this patient population in inpatient and outpatient arenas. Major diagnoses treated include: all musculoskeletal complaints-back, neck, knee, headaches, pain syndromes, tendonitis, temporo-mandibular pain syndrome, myalgias; anxiety, dysmenorrhea, fertility, perimenopausal symptoms, immune enhancement, neuropathy, atypical pain syndromes, meneire’s disease, post-herpetic neuralgia, fibromyalgia, phantom limb pain.

In 2004 she was appointed Chief of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation-Veteran Affairs-New York Harbor Healthcare System  (NYHHS). This involves supervision of 3 campuses  (acute care and subacute care/inpatient and outpatient services) where 32 residents and additional fellows and other specialty residents from New York University rotate annually. Her charge has been to increase education and staff awareness of the needs of these veterans and make sure that the returning soldiers from Operation Iraqi Freedom / Operation Enduring Freedom receive the best care available.