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Integrative Cancer Rehabilitation Task Force



***Integrative Cancer Rehabilitation Task Force has completed their goals and is no longer meeting***

The Integrative Cancer Rehabilitation Task Force is committed to promoting Complementary and Integrative Health through dissemination of scientific evidence-based research and advocacy for best practices in collaboration with other disciplines to improve outcomes in Cancer Rehabilitation.


Multidisciplinary diverse individuals interested in learning, practicing, publishing and/or researching Complementary and Integrative Health in Cancer Rehabilitation, with a focus on collaboration and partnership with QOL/PCC/Integrative Rehabilitation CRNG taskforces and other ACRM Networking Groups.




  1. Review of NCI Databases
    • Searching websites of NCI-accredited programs for integrative/complementary medicine representations and offerings
    • Tabulating offerings and ease of navigation
    • Appreciate Julie and Vish’s mentorship. Modeled on this CRNG- generated study: Most National Cancer Institute-Designated Cancer Center Websites Do Not Provide Survivors With Information About Cancer Rehabilitation Services
  2. Social Media Study on Survivorship
    • Sites supporting survivorship
    • Use of IM, what forms
  3. Educational Materials for Patients
  4. Scientific Poster presented at the ACRM 2018 Annual Conference:
    Use of Integrative Medicine Techniques in Post-Operative and Chronic Pain Control After Breast Cancer Surgery
    Tiffany Cheung and Diane Radford
  5. Symposium presented at the ACRM 2018 Annual Conference:
    Applications of Integrative Medicine for Cancer Survivorship: Whole Person Rehabilitation
    Tiffany Cheung; Diane Radford; Jen Hayter; Katy Cantera; Sophia Chan; Tim Marshall; Ariana Vora; Lauren Thomas
  6. Symposium presented in collaboration with the ACRM Complementary Integrative Rehabilitation Medicine Networking Group at the ACRM 2018 Annual Conference:
    Traditional Asian Health Practices in Rehabilitation: Evidence Review, Experiential Session, and Discussion
    Ariana Vora, MD; Sophia W. Chan, DPT, MAOM, Lic. Ac., ATC, MS-IV; Bridget S. Chin, MA, MD; Gloria Vergara-Diaz, MD
  7. Multi-track Symposium on Integrative Medicine for Chronic Pain Management: A Complementary/Integrative Perspective presented at the ACRM 2018 Annual Conference.