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Chronic Brain Injury Task Force



  • Completed a Special Issue of Brain Injury Professional on Chronic Outcomes of Brain Injury, with Guest Editors Dams-O’Connor & Corrigan
  • Manuscripts submitted and currently under review for editing
  • Article in Press: Hawley, L., Hammond, F.M., Cogan, A., Juengst, S., Mumbower, R., Pappadis, M., Waldman, W., & Dams-O’Connor, K. Ethical Considerations in Chronic Brain Injury. Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation
  • Fact Sheet. “Voting is my super power! Voting tips for people living with disability” Fact sheet was completed and submitted to Archives
  • Completed Resource Facilitation project, aimed at exploring how Resource Facilitation is defined, implemented, and measured (in terms of outcomes) across the HRSA funded state TBI grants, TBI Alliances and TBI Associations. Data was collected from a total of 39 respondents (24/39 provided complete data) via a Survey Monkey web-based survey, with funding from the BI-ISIG.
  • Manuscript has been submitted and is under review