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    Disorders of Consciousness Task Force

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    To advance scientific knowledge, develop standards of practice, and advocate for the appropriate care of persons with disordered consciousness. Projects developed fall under the umbrellas of clinical, research, advocacy, and education about this patient group.


    John Whyte, MD, PhD, FACRM
    Risa Nakase-Richardson, PhD, FACRM



    NIDILRR & VA TBI Model System DOC Special Interest Group members collaborate on task force projects and monthly telephone calls.


    • Plans underway for organizing a Galveston Brain Injury Conference on Controversial Issues in DOC Rehabilitation. Current plans will include 3 tracks of workgroups expanding some of the work described below.
    • Public Awareness and Advocacy Working Group (replacing Media Education Campaign): for more information, contact Dr.  Amy Shapiro Rosenbaum.  The objectives are to create a (worksheet/feedback, as well as questionnaire to better identify gaps for this level of education.  The project will collect data on where patients are being referred (subacute nursing facility/LTACH) and will members will discuss how to translate MCR to a tool for implementation and educational curriculum (videos) on topics relevant for workforce education across settings. The latest product is a Fact Sheet developed for caregivers in the ICU setting to help guide discussions with medical care teams. Dr. Rosenbaum collaborated with the Model System Knowledge Translation Center who is putting it through consumer testing and eventual publication on their website.
    • Acute Confusion Case Definition Position Paper – project leaders: Mark Sherer / Douglas Katz. This group is synthesizing the evidence from abstractions on phenomenology of acute confusion following TBI. The synthesis will be put into Delphi Questions for voting to form a case definition.
    • Minimal Competency Recommendations for DOC Rehabilitation. – 21 recommendations were finalized; manuscript in preparation with plans to submit to Archives of PM&R.
    • AAN Systematic Review on Diagnosis, Prognosis, Treatment, Natural History; guidelines being updated from second round of updated evidence review for presentation to AAN.
    • Outcome Review Paper – Ron Seel. Evidence abstracted and being synthesized.
    • Family Education Materials – Susan Johnson
      Project Update- Finished reviewing educational materials sent in by surveying the field. Team sorted by areas and currently identifying gaps. Once they finish the gaps, they will use a framework and model for developing educational materials. ACRM symposia accepted.  As an aside, the TBIMS clinical leadership forum was during the MYM and John W. did a great job. Keeping materials on box.com.
    • Spiritual Issues – Sunil Kothari (project lead). Presenting at ACRM in BI-ISIG Chautauqua on spiritual issues in rehabilitation with cases submitted by audience (both in advance and during the session) for discussion.
    • YouTube Educational Videos – Shital Pavawalla (early career) – Risa Nakase-Richardson. --Collecting questions that could be asked of experts with content available as abbreviated videos posted online.