Communication & Prognosis After TBI Task Force

Communication & Prognosis After TBI Task Force

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Rosette Biester, PhD
Philadelphia Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Newtown Square, PA
+1.215.823.5800 ext 6545

Chari I. Hirshson, PhD
Mount Sinai School of Medicine
New York, NY



The mission of the Communication & Prognosis after TBI Task Force is to develop projects and products that further the understanding of factors that influence long-term outcomes after TBI and how those factors are communicated to those who have sustained TBI and their families. The task force strives to contribute to the process of knowledge translation associated with prognosis in a way that helps professionals meet the needs of patients and families in understanding the long-term impact of TBI.


Currently the task force is focused on the following:

  1. Expand a study (originally conducted at Indiana University) regarding prognosis predictions based on patient vignettes given to health care providers. To date, 4 case vignettes have been reviewed by trauma surgeons, neurosurgeons, palliative care providers, and PM&R physicians.  Plan is to expand this study to include additional physician reviews to increase to 100 reviewers and add additional questions regarding communication from physician to families.
  2. Consider name change to “Communication & Prognosis” to better describe our focus, including communicating results and information to our patients/families about diagnostic and prognostic information