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BI-ISIG Moving Ahead

 2022 Fall Edition

Scholarship Recipients

Sara Hanafy, BHSc Hon., MSc, PhD Candidate

  • Affiliation:  Rehabilitation Sciences Institute, Temerty Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto
  • We also ask that you provide a brief summary of your conference participation, including how this award helped to support your involvement in the BI-ISIG, how this involvement helped your professional development, and your future plans within the BI-ISIG:
    • I’m excited to be presenting two research studies on important sex and gender considerations in traumatic brain injury at the 2022 ACRM Annual Conference. I’m especially looking forward to this year’s conference which will be held in-person and provides an opportunity for in-depth discussions and networking among top researchers and clinicians in the field of brain injury. I’m very honored to receive the BI-ISIG conference award which will allow me to attend the conference in Chicago, share my final doctoral research and attend sessions held by the BI-ISIG Girls and Women Task Force, which in the past I’ve been very fortunate to attend and participate in, discussing and dismantling inequities in this population. The conference will be an incredible exposure to novel and innovative research, and through this award I’ll also have the opportunity to attend the BI-ISIG Business Summit to officially meet BI-ISIG members, and the Early Career reception which is an incredible opportunity as I complete my doctoral degree and enter a new stage of my career. A chance to be immersed in the world of brain injury research and intellects will be truly wonderful and I’m looking forward to attending the conference!

Jessica Salley Riccardi, PhD, CCC-SLP

Communication Sciences Program- Department of Psychological Sciences
Case Western Reserve University

The ACRM BI-ISIG has afforded me opportunities to connect with other researchers to push my research forward. Conversations with and advice from my colleagues in the BI-ISIG has supported me in addressing clinically-meaningful research questions in populations that are often under-researched and under-served. This travel award will facilitate more brainstorming and networking that will undoubtedly impact my research projects and hopefully result in translatable findings that supports individuals living with brain injury.